Top 10 Best Adjustable Ladders for Stairs in 2024 – Guide & Reviews

Let’s face it: the reality is that working on chairs can prove a bit of a nightmare. And it could even get worse when you need to balance and hold items in your hand, especially when you are doing some decorations. This is where you’ll need adjustable ladders for stairs. 

The advantage of using an adjustable ladder for stairs is that you can always alter their structure to match your preferences, depending on what you are working on. Additionally, these ladders can be of significant importance when you intend to pain or design your ceiling. 

Even more, adjustable ladders for stairs are useful in nearly every industry – from homes to offices to construction sites, as well as complexes. In other words, adjustable ladders can help you with virtually every task. 

Best Adjustable Ladders for Stairs in 2020 – Guide & Reviews

Before we dig deep into the nitty-gritty of this post, let’s first discuss what adjustable ladders are. 

What is an Adjustable Ladder? 

An adjustable ladder is any ladder that you can alter in the physical appearance and use it for your operations in the best possible way.  

Additionally, it would help to know that these kinds of ladders have portable extensions that can balance on their own, even on uneven surfaces that look tricky to work on. 

Also, these ladders do not just balance themselves on uneven surfaces alone – they also help you balance while working on your projects. 

If you want to decorate your home, adjustable ladders for stairs would be your number one priority, and it doesn’t matter the task – from painting to arranging your beautiful curtains, these ladders can be of significant help. 


PictureProductMaterialLoad Capacity
TOPRUNG Model-17 ft LadderTOPRUNG Model-17 ft LadderAluminum300 lbsbuy_from_list
Aluminum Extension LadderAluminum Extension LadderAluminum300 lbsbuy_from_list
Little Giant Ladder Systems 12017-801Little Giant Ladder Systems 12017-801Aluminum300 lbsbuy_from_list
Cosco 18 ft. Reach Aluminum Telescoping LadderCosco 18 ft. Reach Aluminum Telescoping LadderAluminum300 lbsbuy_from_list
Little Giant, 15109-001 LadderLittle Giant, 15109-001 LadderAluminum300 lbsbuy_from_list
Little Giant 22-Foot Velocity LadderLittle Giant 22-Foot Velocity LadderSpecial Alloy300 lbsbuy_from_list
Little Giant Velocity 17 Foot LadderLittle Giant Velocity 17 Foot LadderAluminum300 lbsbuy_from_list
Little Giant Ladder Systems 15131-001Little Giant Ladder Systems 15131-001Fiberglass375 lbsbuy_from_list
Werner MT-22 telescoping-ladders, 22-FootWerner MT-22 telescoping-ladders, 22-FootAluminum300 lbsbuy_from_list
Little Giant, 15147-001 LadderLittle Giant, 15147-001 LadderFiberglass300 lbsbuy_from_list

Adjustable Ladder for Stairs 

1. TOPRUNG Model-17 ft Ladder

TOPRUNG Model-17 ft Ladder

Are you in dire need of a multi-designer staircase ladder? Don’t worry because, with the TopRung aluminum ladder, you are good to go. It has a sturdy aluminum construction and exceeds the international standards set by ANSI.  

Top-notch security and comfort are what this ladder has to offer. Your stability is enhanced while mounting the ladder, making it a standout. 

Because versatility is the core feature, this ladder can serve as an extension ladder, scaffold frames, wall ladder, stairway ladder, and step ladder. 

Due to its construction material, the TopRung ladder can withstand a weight of 300 lbs, thus a better choice for stairs. 

Additionally, this ladder features extended rungs for comfort and slip-resistant feet to enhance your stability while using the ladder. Because their customers’ satisfaction matters the most, it includes a 2-years warranty during its purchase.  


  • TopRung exceeds ANSI-configured standards. 
  • It has full extensions. 
  • Its frame height ranges between 4 to 7 feet. 
  • It has a storage height of 4.6 ft. 
  • TopRung has a bottom width of 1.9. 
  • This ladder has an average weight of 34.5 pounds. 


  • Its multi-design enhances its versatility. 
  • This ladder is secure. 
  • It is portable, thus storage-friendly. 


  • Because aluminum is prone to corrosion, you should store this ladder in a dry place. 
  • The ladder requires regular maintenance. 

2. Aluminum Extension Ladder 

Aluminum Extension Ladder

If you are looking for another best adjustable ladder for stairs, then you should look no further. This ladder is a convertible designed ladder, which can be used in five different ways – as an extension ladder, an A-frame ladder, a wall ladder, as a scaffold frame, or as a staircase ladder. Additionally, this ladder can reach up to 15 ft, which makes it ideal for taller ceilings.

Another reason why this ladder is preferred by many is that it is comfortable to use and safe. This ladder is designed to reduce foot pain, as well as fatigue. Also, this ladder caters to your stability to ensure that you don’t slip and fall when working. Additionally, this ladder has wide flare legs that make it more stable. 

This ladder comes with wheels that are mounted at the bottom to enhance effortless movement from one place to another. Due to this ladder’s compactness, it is suited for both indoor and outdoor projects. The best of all is that you can use it through tight spots or even doorways.

Finally, this ladder is durable because of the aluminum material it is made from. Also, this ladder can support up to a weight of 300 pounds. It is also important to note that this ladder has rubber feet, making it safe on bare ground. 


  • This ladder weighs 34.5 pounds. 
  • The ladder has a bottom width of 1.9ft.
  • This ladder comes with an extension height of between 9 and 15 inches. 
  • Load rate – Type 1A. 


  • Multipurpose ladder. 
  • This ladder offers more flexibility.
  • An extremely durable ladder. 
  • It offers user comfort and guarantees safety. 
  • This ladder has a convertible design feature. 


  • Customers have raised complaints about a mismatch in the height of the ladder.

3. Little Giant Ladder Systems 12017-801

Little Giant Ladder Systems 12017-801

If your preference in the choice of a ladder is portability, then you’re in the right place. This Little Giant Revolution is lighter compared to all the other multi-designed ladders. It also includes a variety of advanced patented features such as the easy-to-use Rock Locks and the Quad Lock hinge for adaptability. 

Because it is a multi-designer staircase ladder, you can configure it to an A-frame, 90-degree ladder, scaffolding ladder, staircase, and extension. 

The wider-steps and construction material used ensures extra stability and safety while using this ladder. Besides, it has built-in double Ratchet Levelers for easy adjustability. It can adjust correctly on bumpy grounds in a couple of seconds. The best of all is that these levelers can retract themselves for storage upon completion of a job. 

The levelers allow adjustments of up to eight and a half inches. It is rated Type IA due to its ability to withstand a weight of 300 lbs on each side of the step ladder. 


  • This ladder includes an A-frame with a maximum standing height of 4 feet 10 inches, maximum reach of 11 feet 4 inches, extension standing height of 11 feet and 7 inches, among others. 
  • It has Dual Ratchet Levelers for easy adaptability on uneven grounds. These levelers allow an adjustment of 7 inches for easy storage retractions.   
  • The ladder includes fully extended rungs with flared-base for top-notch security. 
  • The Little Giant can fit in narrow storage space. 
  • The ladder includes Trestle Brackets precisely meant for a time-saving trestle-and-plank scaffolding system. 
  • It is the perfect choice for high ceilings and spaces above the stairs. 
  • The ladder features patented Quad-Lock hinges for quick adjustments. Also, it helps eliminate spreader bars for efficiency around bushes and fences. 
  • This ladder exceeds all the international standards set by ANSI and OSHA. 
  • Rated type IA because it can withstand a weight of 300 lbs on both sides. 


  • The ladder includes more full rungs with flared-legs for stability.
  • It is storage-friendly. 
  • The ladder includes levelers that can adjust on any uneven surface. 
  • The Little Giant meets all the standards configured by ANSI and OSHA.
  • It is sturdy. 
  • The ladder is versatile.
  • Affordable.   


  • Heavy

4. Cosco 18 ft. Reach Aluminum Telescoping Ladder

Cosco 18 ft. Reach Aluminum Telescoping Ladder

This Telescoping ladder is versatile, and as such, it’s convenient for any job. It can serve as an extension ladder, a wall ladder, and a step ladder. 

Besides, it is secure and portable due to the patented hinge design. Also, with the large spring lockers, folding this ladder is dead simple. Meanwhile, your safety is enhanced by the slip-resistant rungs and the sturdy base this ladder offers. 

The best of all is that no technical skills are needed to set up this ladder – the instructions provided are more straightforward. Because it’s rated IA type, it offers a one-year warranty upon purchase. It can hold up to 32 pounds of weight. 

Its versatility makes it a perfect choice for any task. You can use it on stairs, high ceilings, cleaning the gutters, among others. You may as well configure this ladder into different positions, thus convenient. 


  • This ladder has an average weight of 32 pounds. 
  • Measures 7.7 by 23 by 54.9 inches. 
  • Yellow in color. 
  • The Cosco ladder has aluminum construction. 
  • It offers a one-year warranty for its customers. 


  • The Cosco ladder can withstand a weight of 300 lbs. 
  • You can configure this ladder into different unique positions.
  • Setting up this ladder requires necessary information on ladders.  


  • Since it is made of Aluminum, this ladder should be stored in a dry place to prevent corrosion. 

5. Little Giant, 15109-001 Ladder

Little Giant, 15109-001 Ladder

The Little Giant 15109-001 is well-known for providing top-notch stability and comfort. It’s a lightweight but sturdy ladder. It can hold a weight of up to 300 pounds and meets the international standards set by ANSI. 

Your stability is also enhanced using the no-pinch Comfort Step. The Little Giant telescopes on both sides, making it the right choice for stairs and uneven surfaces. 

Because Little Giant prioritize your safety, you don’t have to feel scared of toppling over when using a ladder. It comes in handy with patent-pending Select Step, which enhances your safety while mounting the ladder. Besides, it eliminates vertigo feeling, which can result in falling off the ladder. 

It is safe to use on bumpy surfaces and even the stairs because of each side telescopes independently. 


  • The Little Giant offers comfortable standing height, an A-frame, Outer and Inner Rung Size with Single Sections, among others. 
  • It is a telescoping ladder, meaning you can safely use it on bumpy surfaces and stairs. 
  • This ladder is lightweight, thus convenient for any task. It can withstand a weight of 300 pounds.  
  • The ladder includes an instructional manual for easy installation. 
  • This ladder features a base spreader of 48 inches. 


  • The A-frame is sturdy yet lightweight. The built-in no-pinch Comfort Step enhances the safety feeling of solid ground. 
  • The ladder includes self-reliant steps for maximum flexibility when working on uneven surfaces as well as staircases. 
  • The A-frame Select Step includes a versatile cap along with improvised tool slits and work tray. 
  • Its multi-design makes it compatible with Little Giant Fuel Tank one-liter vertical paint tray and Little Giant AirDeck. 


  • The exterior box has visible damages. 

6. Little Giant 22-Foot Velocity Ladder

Little Giant 22-Foot Velocity Ladder

Some of the main reasons why people choose this adjustable ladder for stairs is that it is easy to use, light, and more versatile as compared to other ladders. 

Additionally, this ladder allows users to complete their jobs either at home or in the field, and you can use it for a variety of purposes – from fixing bulbs to decorating your house. 

This ladder has patented ratchet levelers, which help with the adjusting in a matter of seconds. Also, you can choose to retract the levelers back to their positions when you complete doing your job. 

The Little Giant Velocity ladder can be configured into different dimensions – scaffolding system, extension, A-frame, ninety degrees, as well as trestle and brackets. 

This ladder has wide flare legs that provide you with the stability and safety you need during your working hours. Additionally, the Little Giant Velocity ladder can accommodate up to 300 pounds and can help with all the configurations you might need. 


  • This ladder can reach up to a maximum height of 33 ft. 
  • You can configure this ladder into different configurations including extension, ninety degrees, trestle, and plank, etc. 
  • It comes with patented ratchet levelers to help you adjust easily. 
  • The wide flare legs give you stability when working.
  • This ladder meets the standards set by ANSI and OSHA. 
  • This ladder comes with a lifetime warranty. 


  • The model 22 of this ladder can convert to a 19-foot ladder. 
  • It can be configured to different dimensions. 
  • The safety issues common to most ladders are taken care of by the availability of the palm and hinge systems. 
  • This ladder can help you reach heights you might not have reached with the ordinary ladders. 
  • The Little Velocity ladder meets the requirements set by OSHA and ANSI, and it is rated 300 pounds. 


  • There’s a mismatch in the height of the ladder. The ladder is 19 ft instead of 22 ft. 

7. Little Giant Velocity 17 Foot Ladder 

Little Giant Velocity 17 Foot Ladder

The Little Giant Velocity was designed with a material that makes it twenty percent lighter as compared with other ladders. 

Additionally, this ladder has modern features such as dual-pin hinge, as well as the straightforward to use rock locks to ensure faster adjustments. 

The best of all is that this ladder can be used in different configurations such as staircase, velocity trestle brackets, extension, A-frame, ninety-degree configurations. 

Also, these Little Giant Velocity ladders come with wide flare legs and aerospace aluminum to provide the user with guaranteed safety and stability, respectively.

Finally, this ladder is rated 300 pounds on its sides and can be suitable to use for a two-person task. 


  • The ladder comes with an A-frame height of between 4 to 7 ft.
  • This ladder has an extension height of between 9 and 15 ft. 
  • The Little Giant Velocity ladder has a storage depth of 3 to 7 ft. 
  • This ladder also comes with a storage height of 3 to 7 ft. 
  • It has sixteen unique configurations. 
  • The ladder is designed to carry up to 300 pounds of weight capacity. 
  • This ladder comes in silver colour. 
  • You don’t need to be worried about the warranty on this ladder as it comes with a lifeless warranty. 


  • This ladder is easily adjustable and can transform into different dimensions. 
  • The Little Giant Velocity ladder is stable. 
  • This ladder is easy to set up. 
  • Its dual-pin hinge, as well as the flare legs, makes you secure as you work on your projects. 
  • Because it can hold up to 300 pounds, this ladder can serve as a two-person ladder. 
  • Transportation becomes easy with its tip and glide wheels. 
  • This ladder meets the standards put in place by OSHA, ANSI. 


  • Customers have complained that steps are not wide enough. 

8. Little Giant Ladder Systems 15131-001

Little Giant Ladder Systems 15131-001

This Little Step Fiberglass ladder is one of the best stair ladders and can be adjusted to match your preferences. Additionally, this ladder can be used in different configurations. 

It doesn’t matter how you set this ladder up – the bottom line is that it will still offer you a comfortable standing place with excellent foot support. 

This ladder’s top rung was removed to prevent users from unsafely climbing above the recommended height by the manufacturer. 

And because of its sides telescope differently, you can use this ladder over the obstacles or uneven surfaces without any worries. 

Finally, this is the only ladder of fiberglass that gives users the freedom to work safely on their stairs without any worries. Additionally, this ladder comes with straightforward to use rock locks to aid in the telescoping of the ladder up and down, helping you work on your projects faster and with less fatigue. 


  • You can replace the sizes. 
  • This ladder comes in either 5 inches to 8 inches or 6 inches to 10 inches. 
  • The ladder is ANSI Type IAA with a three-hundred-and-seventy-five pound rating. 


  • You don’t have to worry about using this ladder next to a live circuit. 
  • It comes with a comfy standing platform. 
  • The ladder is also suited to use on uneven surfaces. 
  • Its lightweight feature makes it highly portable. 
  • The ladder comes with black resin fiberglass, which is responsible for resisting fading.


  • They are heavy and awkward to drag around. 

9. Werner MT-22 telescoping-ladders, 22-Foot

Werner MT-22 telescoping-ladders, 22-Foot

The Werner MT-22 is one of the adjustable ladders for stairs every contractor or homeowner should have. The best of all is that this ladder is portable. 

This ladder’s design allows users to use it in five different positions including as an extension ladder, stairway step ladder, wall ladder, step ladder, as well as two scaffold base ladder. 

When this ladder is in the step ladder position, it can be used for either one or two-person tasks with its duty rating of 375 pounds per slide. 

The advantage of this ladder is that it has slip-resistant feet to help the user with firm support when working on ceiling projects. Additionally, this ladder has smooth curve rails to guarantee the user comfortable climbing. 


  • It has a lighter weight as compared to other ladders. 
  • This ladder can be used in five positions. 
  • It has double-riveted steps. 
  • The ladder comes with an extra-wide flare bottom. 
  • This ladder has slip-resistant feet. 
  • The Little Giant ladder can be adjusted. 
  • It can be used for either one or two-person jobs. 
  • The size of this ladder conforms to ANSI standards. 


  • This ladder can reach a maximum height of 22 ft. 
  • The ladder comes with thirty-three adjustable working heights. 
  • You can easily shift this ladder into five positions depending on your task. 
  • The ladder has slip-resistant feet to ensure minimal accident occurrences. 
  • This ladder comes with a telescoping design to ensure maximum versatility. 
  • The ladder has a duty rating of up to 375 pounds for better strength performance. 
  • This ladder meets the standards set by OSHA, ANSI, as well as CSA. 
  • The ladder is designed for either one or two-person jobs. 


  • Too heavy for being used as a step ladder. 

10. Little Giant, 15147-001 Ladder

Little Giant, 15147-001 Ladder

Usually, most accidents occur as a result of using the wrong ladder. But with the Little Giant ladder, accidents will be something not to worry about because it is designed to help you prevent some of these untimely accidents.  

The ladder comes with a wide-flared base that will provide you with the stability you need while working, thus preventing accidents that are most common when using ladders. 

And due to its design with the extra lightweight and super robust fiberglass, this ladder is just meant to perform any task you’d imagine, making it a top priority for contractors. 

The best of all is that you can use this ladder in twenty-four unique configurations that include ninety degrees ladders, A-frame, as well as extension ladders. 

This ladder can also be used as a substitute for a ton of ladders and unlike other ordinary ladders, the Little Giant ladder can be used to work safely on stairs at any time. 


  • SKU – 15147-001-LG
  • Weight in pounds – 33.5000
  • Made of fiberglass
  • Weight rating – 300 pounds
  • Stepladder height range – 4 inches 6 inches – 7 inches 6 inches
  • Extension height range – inches’ 11inches – 14 inches 11inches
  • Included accessories – None


  • This ladder is lighter than any other fiberglass ladder. 
  • The ladder requires less lifting, thus preventing injuries resulting from accidents. 
  • The Little Giant ladder can prevent slipping and falling, usually caused by over-reaching. 
  • This ladder comes with a cast aluminum rock lock. 


  • The ladder has no ratchet levers as advertised. 

Bottom Line 

This was your ultimate list of adjustable ladders for stairs. If you wanted to paint your house, these ladders discussed above would save you time and money. 

The good thing about these ladders is their flexibility and their multi-purpose use. Additionally, all of them meet all the requirements set by regulatory bodies such as ANSI and OSHA. 

These ladders cover for your safety, meaning you don’t have to worry about your stability and security anymore.

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