Little Giant Velocity vs Revolution: Which One Is Better?

Little Giant is a brand that has won its high name by making some of the best ladders on the market for almost 50 years. This brand has many different kinds of stairs, so there’s something for everyone.

The Velocity and the Revolution might be the two most famous of these. When it comes to articulating types, both are great for workers in many different fields. Whether you’re a plumber, a worker, a painter, or just a person who likes to do things on their own, you’ll like these ladders.

But which should you choose between Little Giant Velocity and Revolution?

That’s a question that needs to be looked into. So, to help you, we’ve listed the most important things about each below.

Let’s get started!

Little Giant Velocity Review

Top Things About Little Giant Velocity

  • Can be changed into many different shapes.
  • Super strong aerospace-grade metal body
  • Has a weight limit of 300 pounds

Offers Multi-Use Benefits

Velocity is used in so many different fields because it works well. This very flexible ladder can be used as a normal A-frame, but it can also be quickly changed into an extension, 90-degree, staircase, or trestle-and-plank scaffolding arrangement. Velocity will help you get the job done, no matter what it is.

Made to work better than others

The Velocity ramp is one of the best because it is so easy to use. Its height can be changed quickly and easily thanks to Rock Lock spacers that move the ladder’s inner part so that it can be set to different heights. And the palm buttons make it easy to change the ladder into its different shapes.

Premium Aerospace Aluminum Construction

If you haven’t heard of T5 grade military aluminum before, it is used to make planes. So, since this metal is used to make the Velocity, it is not only very strong and stable, but it also actively fights against rusting, rust, and stress.


  • There are four sizes, ranging from 13 feet to 26 feet.
  • Can be turned into a 90-degree, trestle-and-plank, stairs, or extension ladder.
  • Meets and goes above ANSI and OSHA safety guidelines
  • Tip-and-Glide wheels make it easy to move around on the job


  • It’s quite heavy, so it might be hard for people who aren’t as big.


The Velocity ladder is the best choice for a worker who has to do a lot of different jobs in a day. This one is also made of aircraft-grade aluminum metal, just like the Little Giant LT, but it’s not as light. The Velocity, on the other hand, stands out from other rotating ladders because it can be used for more than one thing and is easy to use.

Little Giant Revolution Review

Top Things About the Little Giant Revolution

  • Designed to hold up to 300 pounds
  • Easy to change into different shapes.
  • The height is 22 feet.

Made to be safe and stable

The Little Giant Revolution is one of the largest and most reliable ladders on the market. It is made of metal that is good enough for the military. It not only meets ANSI and OSHA guidelines, but it can also easily hold up to 300 pounds.

Designed to be easy to use

The truth about most articulating stairs is that they are usually hard to change and move into the positions you want. Little Giant has added stronger rock locks, easy-to-use hand buttons, and super-smooth Tip & Glide wheels to try to make this less annoying.

Ideal for Serious Business People

No matter how long you’ve been doing DIY projects or working in building, we’re sure you’ll agree that it’s annoying to have to keep reaching for your tools while you’re working. Well, that won’t be a problem anymore because the Revolution has a built-in top work area. The WingSpan offset device, on the other hand, makes your work easier.


Changes are easy to make thanks to rock locks and palm buttons.

With its “Tip and Glide” wheels, the ladder is easy to move.

With a strut clamp, you can turn a ladder into a scaffold.

Integrated work platform is the right tool for the job. tray and a place to stand

The WingSpan wall gap add-on makes it easier to use.


Aluminum made for the military makes it very heavy.


Like the Velocity, the Revolution is one of the larger ladders made by Little Giant. But it comes with a lot of great extras that make it easier to work, like the WingSpan stand-off and the top work station. We also like how well-made it is and how each leg can be adjusted separately.

Comparison of Little Giant Velocity and Revolution

Now that we’ve looked at what each ladder has to offer on its own, it’s time to compare the Velocity and the Revolution. Are you ready to find out which one is best for you? Read more!


Even though both the Velocity and the Revolution are made out of metal, the Revolution is stronger. This is because the Velocity is made of aerospace aluminum that is resistant to rust and stress and is also fairly light. The Revolution, on the other hand, is made of military-grade aluminum, which makes it more durable. But both stairs can hold a weight of 300 pounds, which is a great feature.


If you need to change the height of your ladder often, the Velocity might be better for you than the Revolution because it can be set to heights of 13, 17, 22, and 26 feet. The Revolution, on the other hand, can’t go lower than 13 feet. But the Revolution’s legs can be moved in 8.5-inch steps, while the Velocity’s legs can’t be moved at all.


If you only do projects around the house or like to do things yourself, the Revolution might have too many features for you. The Velocity also works well as an industrial ladder, but it doesn’t have the same high-tech design as the Revolution. For example, it doesn’t come with screw levelers, so it’s not always a good idea to use it on areas that aren’t flat.

Still, it’s important to note that both ladders have roller wheels, which make them easier to move around.


The main thing that both ladders have in common is that they can be used for many different things. Both of them can be changed from an A-frame shape to an extension, a platform, a 90-degree shape, or a step ladder. So you can be sure that whichever one you choose will work well in all situations!


Last, let’s talk about how much each ladder costs. If you’re on a tight budget, you probably already know that the Velocity is much more expensive than the Revolution.

But this makes sense given the Velocity’s many features and powers. But don’t worry, some of Velocity’s add-ons also work with the Revolution, so you can get the best of both worlds!

Last Words

It wasn’t easy to compare the Revolution and Velocity, which are two of the best Little Giant stairs. But we hope that after reading about Little Giant Velocity vs. Revolution, you’ve been able to decide which one is best for you. We hope that everything you do turns out well.

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