Ladder for High Ceiling: Top 10 Best Ladders Suitable for High Ceiling

Ladders for high ceilings serve various purposes. If you are finding it hard to reach the high shelves, you may need a high ceiling ladder. Most of these ladders support a lot of weight, which means that you will not have to worry about your stability while using them. 

That said, ladders for high ceiling are essential, especially in homes. You’ll need high ladders to install ceilings during outdoor installations and use them to repair your gutters. 

Now, there are different types of ladders, meant to serve different purposes – from step ladders to multi-purpose ladders, but what is the best ladder for high ceilings? This post will walk you through some of the best ladders for high ceilings. 

Ladder for High Ceiling_ Top 5 Best Ladders Suitable for High Ceiling

By the end of this post, you should be able to choose the right ladder for high ceilings. Let’s dive in. 

Factors to Consider When Choosing a High Ceiling Ladder 

Choosing a high ceiling ladder can be downright frustrating, but considering these factors will save you the hassle: 

1. The Height and Reach of the Ladder

It’s not easy choosing the right length of a ladder. To make sure that you get it right, consider the following factors when selecting a high ceiling ladder: 

  • The ladder angle, which should be seventy-five degrees. 
  • Consider your highest standing point while using the ladder, which should be four rungs down from the top. 
  • Whether or not the ladder sections can overlap. 
  • Whether or not you can extend the ladder above the rooftop. 

That said, you will need a long ladder that can extend to about three feet above the roofline when you want to go to the rooftop, maybe for inspection. 

2. The Right Ladder Weight

Ladders for high ceilings are designed to hold a specific amount of weight born by the user, as well as the load the user might be carrying. 

Therefore, the high ceiling ladders will come in a variety of duty ratings, determined by their type and grade. And just to let you know, the duty rating refers to the amount of load the ladder can carry. This load includes the user’s weight, as well as the load the user is carrying. 

To understand even better, below are the duty ratings you should check out for when getting yourself ladders for high ceilings: 

  • The economical design, which is categorized as type 3 and supports up to 200 lbs. 
  • Type 2 category with a basic design, usually for handling simple projects. It can accommodate up to 225 lbs. 
  • Type 1, usually is suited for more projects. This can accommodate 250 lbs. 
  • The type 1A is designed with professionals in mind. It can carry up to 300 lbs. 
  • Type 1AA is suited for maximum performance with a better durability period. This type of ladder can carry up to 375 lbs. 


Best Ladders for High Ceiling

1. Xtend & Climb Pro Series Telescoping Ladder

If you have a high ceiling, the Xtend & Climb is the greatest ladder you can buy because it’s not as cumbersome as other options. It is lightweight and durable, and it gives you a fantastic height advantage while painting, cleaning, or changing a fan or light bulb. One by one, let’s examine the capabilities.

Materials and Quality

The 785P telescopic ladder’s sturdy aluminum alloy construction is worthy of use on airplanes. It has a duty rating of ANSI Type-1 compliance and can support up to 250 pounds. Modled feet and a thumb release mechanism are only two of the extra parts that help raise the product’s quality to the next level.

Mobility and stowability

This foldable ladder is easy to transport. Portability is ensured by the lightweight compact design and integrated carrying handle. This ladder requires very little room, and can be stored in a car, SUV, pop-up camper, or RV. With True Telescopic technology, the height of the ladder may be adjusted to a maximum of 15.5 feet.

Protective Measures

It has a lot of useful functions. The feet are double overmolded for long-lasting ease, support, and grip. The effective grip is further increased by the silicon pivoting feet. This collapsible ladder meets all ETL safety and durability criteria.


  • Dimensions (19.75 x 4.5 x 36 inches) of the ladder
  • Weight of Ladder: 36 lbs.
  • Fabricated from Aluminum
  • 250 lb. (ANSI Type-1) load rating.
  • Alterable 5 foot height
  • Height limit: 5 ft.
  • Style: extending ladder


  • Materials quality and durability are guaranteed by ANSI Type-1.
  • The convenient carrying strap and small form factor make it easy to transport.
  • Genuine telescoping design facilitates effortless extension and contraction.
  • Stability, traction, and security are all improved by the silicon pivoting feet.


  • Automatic retracting is simple to operate and won’t take long to master.


The Xtend & Climb 785P telescopic ladder is the most convenient option for lifting, climbing, and reaching. It also has several security options for your house and vehicle. You may use it indoors or out for years without worrying about wear and tear.

2. Little Giant Ladder Systems, Velocity with Wheels

Do you need a two-person ladder that can withstand repeated uses and still be easily transported? The Little Giant Velocity showcases the 20% lighter while retaining the same essential characteristics. This multi-functioning velocity ladder has cutting-edge protection and usability additions.

Strong and easily transportable

It’s sturdy and easy to transport. The durable Little Giant Velocity ladder is constructed out of premium aluminum alloy. Because of this, the ladder has a TYPE-1A classification, meaning it can support up to 300 pounds. The frame, end, and gliding wheels are all quite light, so it’s easy to take it about.

Various Permutations

Have fun experimenting with all the many possible setups. This speed ladder may be adjusted to an A-frame, an extension, a staircase, or a 90-degree angle. It may also be used as a trestle and plank (or scaffolding) system thanks to the trestle brackets. The trestle brackets, however, are sold separately.

Stability and Safety

Be careful! Everyone knows this as their own credo when performing potentially dangerous tasks like mending gadgets or painting the ceiling. The main structural components of this velocity ladder’s many functions are its wide-flared legs and aerospace-grade aluminum technology. As a result, you may count on a secure and consistent place of employment.


  • The dimensions of the ladder are 67 by 27 by 9 inches.
  • Weight of Ladder: 39 lbs.
  • Fabricated from Aluminum
  • 300 pound weight limit
  • Standardized Ladder
  • Length: 22.0 ft.


  • The easily transportable frame, handle, and wheels are lightweight.
  • Maximum load capacity is confirmed by a TYPE-1A rating for aluminum’s durability.
  • The plethora of possible arrangements greatly expands the range of applications.
  • Aerospace-grade aluminum and broad, flared legs equal peace of mind.


  • For the frail, the weight might be a problem.


This Little Giant Velocity multi-position ladder is a sturdy, lightweight, and secure means of lifting heavy objects. The lightweight aluminum frame components contribute to its exceptional durability and safety characteristics. It’s great for both domestic and business use.

3. Luisladders Folding Ladder Multi-Purpose

The Luisladders foldable extension ladder can let you reach the upper levels of your home, even the roof. The aluminum construction of this collapsible extension ladder ensures that it will serve you well for many years. In addition, it is lightweight and easy to use thanks to feedback from several customers. And what more does it provide?

Security and Dependability

The strong aluminum construction of this multi-purpose step ladder is worthy of an airplane. The square rungs and center tubes on this folding ladder offer stability and longevity. However, the EN131 standard requires that it support up to a 330-pound weight.

Connecting, Closing, and Securing

The ladder’s weight is distributed over multiple big joints, which also serve to increase the ladder’s longevity. The ladder’s SIX(6) safety locks make it easier to open and lock it into different configurations. Two (2) anti-slip scaffolding plates are also included for even more safety and stability when standing.


This 15.5-foot ladder from Luis Ladders may be used for a wide variety of tasks, and it can be converted into a scaffold or a stepladder. You may adjust the height of the structure to suit your demands at work. It’s versatile enough to serve as a single ladder, double ladder, trestle, stair ladder, twin stepladder, and so on.


There is nearly no assembly required. Putting together the balancing bar is as simple as tightening the mountain screws. You may put it to work in the attic, the library, or around the house for general cleaning and upkeep.


  • Dimensions are 12 by 10 by 6 inches.
  • Shipping weight: 22 lbs.
  • Length: 15.5 Feet
  • Fabricated from Aluminum
  • Capacity under load: 330 lbs.


  • The materials used to construct it are strong and safe enough to pass the EN131 test.
  • Extra safety is provided by locking anti-slip plates and hinges.
  • Having a variety of rungs makes it more flexible.
  • It’s nearly fully assembled and ready to go out of the box.


Due to its pre-assembled nature, no instructions are provided.


Get this Luisladders multi-purpose folding ladder if you need a lifting solution with a long, adjustable reach. It provides a safe, dependable, and transportable lifting solution for ceilings and roofs of medium to considerable height. You may put it to use wherever, indoors or out.

4. Comie Multi Purpose Aluminum Extension 7 in 1 Folding Step Ladder

If you have high ceilings, the COMIE has one of the best lightweight scaffold ladders available. This step ladder may be folded and used for a variety of purposes, making it useful around the house and in the workplace. There are various essential elements that provide several advantages. They’re in the following.

Several Possible Arrangements

This COMIE multipurpose ladder is available in a variety of shapes and sizes. This lightweight hero does double duty as a scaffold, leaning stepladder, and ceiling support. Furthermore, it can be utilized in NINE(9) many ways, such as a single ladder, double-sided ladder, trestle, stair ladder, stairway step ladder, and so on.

Minimalist in Size and Weight

This ladder may be folded up and taken with you wherever, from the attic to the library to the living room. This ladder is extremely lightweight at just 24.5 pounds. Because of its collapsible design, you can easily transport this ladder in your car or SUV.

Strength, Security, and Dependability

The EN131 standard load limit is 330 pounds, and you’ll get a sturdy, risk-free heavy-duty aluminum alloy build. The square design of the rungs and the reinforcement tubes make this ladder exceptionally sturdy and reliable. The zigzag pattern of the foot straps on this ladder makes it less likely that you will slide while using it.

Safety Measures

This scaffolding ladder has TREE(3) times the durability of standard ladders due to its big joints and secure locks. The connection and rings include SIX(6) security locks for further safety at the summit. Additionally, the locks allow you to securely fasten the various ladder configurations.


  • Dimensions (in inches): 24.8 by 6.3 by 5 feet
  • Size when folded: 15 by 40 by 11 inches
  • Product weight: 5 lb.
  • Size: ‎12’.5’’
  • Aluminized metal for construction.
  • 330-pound weight limit


  • Different versions accommodate a wide range of heavy lifting requirements.
  • Alloys according to EN131 standards provide longevity and dependability.
  • The anti-slip zigzag feet keep things from sliding about and keep everyone safe.
  • Locks and joints provide stability and safety in a variety of configurations.
  • Because to its small size and light weight, it can be taken anywhere.


  • It takes practice to master a system of locks and keys.


The COMIE folding multi-purpose ladder is a sturdy and lightweight option for accessing lofty ceilings and roofs. In addition to portability, it offers a protected space for work. This is the best option when you need to clean or paint your walls or ceilings indoors or out.

5. Louisville Ladder 6-Foot Fiberglass Step Ladder

Do you require a highly sturdy step ladder for everyday domestic or business use? The Louisville FS1412HD is the greatest stepladder on the market because to its high weight capacity, sturdy design, and many safety features. Also, it has several essential and independent functions.

Capacity under stress and longevity

High-quality construction and a large platform mean that this Louisville stepladder can handle any job. As a result of its sturdy aluminum soles and metal sole, it can support up to 375 pounds. The rail is reinforced with a thicker plate, and the anti-slip rubber tread makes it safe and sturdy.


It has several safeguards built in. The non-conductive fiberglass technology is a standout feature. Due to the absence of conductivity in the body, electrical shocks are no longer a risk. In order to prevent bodily harm, the FS1412HD model has a SHOX mechanism.

General Practice

All ANSI and OSHA standards have been met by the Louisville FS1412HD ladder. The Pro-Top tool system allows you to keep your tools, bucket, and others within easy reach. You will also receive a drill slot, a 24 holder, and a magnet tray.


  • Dimensions of the ladder are 247 by 24 by 7 inches.
  • Length: 12 ft.
  • Quantity: 51 lb.
  • Glass-Reinforced Polyester
  • Weight limit: 375 lbs.


  • Superb materials allow for maximum load bearing.
  • Fiberglass insulation is very safe since it does not carry electricity.
  • The Shox suspension system is built to last and can withstand abuse from casual misuse.
  • Various applications of ANSI and OSHA’s safety and industrial standards
  • When at the pinnacle, the Pro-Top tool system adds convenient amenities.


  • The ladder is only usable from one side.


The Louisville FS1412HD’s aluminum alloy rails are built to withstand heavy use while cleaning or painting lofty ceilings. In addition, a variety of safeguards are in place to ensure the highest quality of service for each individual user.

6. Little Giant Ladders, Revolution, 26 ft

The Little Giant Revolution boasts the best two-story and one-story multi-position ladders on the market. This multipurpose tool is both lightweight and durable, making it ideal for use in both the electrical and painting trades. It also has a number of novel features, such as locking mechanisms and muted exteriors.

Extensive Coverage & Modular Design

This handyman gadget features a 26-foot working height and a wide variety of ladder and lifting options. Alternate uses include a stepladder, an extension, and a trestle and plank. Both a 90-degree angle and a stairwell are provided for convenience. Quickly alter the size of your typeface with the metal rock-locking adjustment mechanism.

Slim and easily transportable

When compared to its competitors’ 300-pound multi-ladder, its own model is far more manageable in terms of transportation. There are many handles and rolling wheels for convenient portability. It takes up very little room, and you can take it with you in a car or RV if need be.

Protective Measures

Use of this massive instrument is risk-free. The thick treads on this foldable ladder provide superior traction and support. The RevolutionXE has extra-sturdy, flanged legs. The tool’s quad-lock hinge pins will be provided to you. Furthermore, it complies with all applicable OSHA and ANSI safety regulations.


  • Dimensions (in inches) of the ladder: 80 x 108 x 79
  • Length: 26″
  • Product weight: 5 lb.
  • Structure made of aluminum alloy
  • Type A1 capacity, 300 lbs.
  • The Style is Typical.


  • The 26-foot ceiling height makes it easier to reach the ceiling’s highest point.
  • Flexibility in usage is enhanced by many mounting options.
  • Extra portability is provided by the tip-and-glide wheels.
  • It’s 20%-30% smaller in size and easier to transport than its closest rivals.
  • These safeguards are ANSI and OSHA compliant.


  • For homes with low ceilings, this is not the greatest option.


If you need a gadget that can reach very high ceilings, consider purchasing a Little Giant Revolution multi-position ladder. With its sturdy and secure folding design, this Little Giant ladder gives you access to a height of 26 feet. If you need to paint, clean, or wire a high ceiling, this is the finest option.

7. Werner Extension-ladders, 20-Foot

The Werner Company has introduced a remarkable high ceiling extension ladder that will serve you well in your professional endeavors. Besides being very secure, it also has a number of essential features. This ladder works great for general upkeep and repair at home or in the workplace. Let’s go right down to the meat of it.


It’s sturdy and risk-free. The 300-pound capacity of this Werner D6220-2 ladder is guaranteed by Type-1A duty rating safety requirements. The Werner’s excellent anti-slip traction (D-rung) ensures a secure, pleasant footing for the user at all times. The rails on the ladders are made of high-quality fiberglass, which does not carry electricity.


Extra strength is provided by the gravity spring lock mechanism and proprietary ALFLO rung fitting and joint found on the D6220-2 series. Durability is ensured by the sturdy rails structure, shield bracket, spur plate, and sealed rung braces. The shu-Lok pas and the connection between the rungs and the rails make it so that your feet stay put as you work.

Facility Extension and Isolation

This Werner fiberglass extension ladder is easy to set up and take down. External and internal guides at the top and button base make expansion a breeze. For effortless operation, a gravity spring lock is included. This ladder may also be disassembled for further convenience. You can use the aid of the base and fly parts in that scenario.

Simple Setup/Portability

The Werner D6220-2 may be set up and used with minimal effort. The included hardware and instructions make setting up this ladder a breeze. The pole lashes, cable hook, and V-rung assembly are just a few of the helpful extras that come with it. In addition, its lightweight construction of 40 pounds makes it easy to transport.


  • Dimensions (7 x 19.5 x 126 inches) for the ladder
  • Weight of Ladder: 40 lbs.
  • Materials used in construction: fiberglass and rubber
  • 300 pound weight limit
  • length of 20 feet


  • Maximum load of 300 pounds, as guaranteed by Type-1A rating
  • The D-rung’s nonslip traction offers maximum support.
  • Electrical shocks can be avoided with the use of fiberglass handrails.
  • A spring lock and ALFLO fittings make it more sturdy.
  • The fly’s top and buttoned bottom help the ladder spread out.
  • The installation process is simplified by a number of tools and accessories.


  • There are no height-adjustable legs included.


You can safely and securely extend this Werner ladder to a height of 20 feet to access the highest points of your home’s ceiling, roof, and walls. Nonconductive rails, an anti-slip pad, and a base fly fitting to lengthen and split the ladder are just a few of its many practical features. Ideal for domestic and individual use.

8. Werner T7416 Ladder

The Werner T7416 sixteen feet has a 300lb duty rating for each side of the ladder. It is suitable for one or even two-person jobs, which makes it a more excellent choice for contractors who’d love to work using the same ladder. Werner T7416 has a heavy gauge aluminum at the top, as well as heavy-duty spreaders that to withstand vandalism in the area of operation or when in transportation. This ladder is durable because it has an EDGE bracing system, as well as the rail shields. And because fiberglass is a non-conductor, makes this ladder suited for electricity work-related projects. 


  • This ladder can extend to a height of up to twenty ft. 
  • Heavy-gauge aluminum to strengthen connectors. 
  • Slip-resistant 
  • Rubber step helps in limiting damages. 
  • One or two contractors can use it. 
  • It has a maximum load per side. 


  • Strenuous to use because of the weight

9. Louisville AS1020 Step Ladder

Louisville Ladder is a 20ft heavy duty ladder made of aluminum, which makes it durable. The ladder has a three-hundred-pound capacity. This ladder aims at improving the user’s experience when working on large construction projects, electricity projects, or even residential jobs.

You don’t have to fret about reaching inaccessible places because the Louisville ladder of 20 ft will help you do that with ease. Additionally, this ladder is slip-resistant, which means that your safety is well-catered for during your hours of operations. And because of the rubber feet, as well as the gusset bracing, it would make sense to say that this ladder is your perfect one for a professional work environment. 

It doesn’t matter what task you want to perform with the ladder. If it’s general maintenance, Louisville has got your back. If you intend to do some home repairs, Louisville will not disappoint you either. Also, this ladder will help you reach higher heights; not many ladders can help you achieve. 

Apart from the double rivet step construction, you should also expect inside spreader braces for your stabilization when working. This will also help guarantee your safety while working on higher ceilings that seem dangerous and scary, and of course, they are. 

The Louisville ladder has got a 1A rating and meets the safety standards requirements put in place by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI), Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), as well as CSA. Additionally, the load capacity of the ladder, which is three-hundred lb, is suitable for heavyweights. 


  • The ladder is made from aluminum, which ensures its durability. 
  • The ladder is slip-resistant, which means that your safety is guaranteed even if you are at higher ceilings. 
  • It has two by four holders for increased productivity. 
  • The rubber tread is replaceable. 
  • Rubber tread ensures sure footing. 
  • Can carry up to 300 lbs.


  • Heavy

10. Little Giant Ladders 10121 SkyScraper

Little Giant Ladders 10121 is one of the best ladders for high ceilings. You will be able to reach extreme heights that other ladders cannot. If you are on a shoe-string budget, this ladder will still be your best bet as it is economical, which means that you can substitute it for some of the costly ladders. 

It doesn’t matter what type of task you are doing as long as you are using it to reach extremely high heights. That said, you can use this ladder in gymnasiums, churches, and even auditoriums. Additionally, this ladder is well-suited for industry settings. Even more, the Little Giant Ladder 10121 is best for use when working around obstacles such as a stadium or benches. 

Little Giant Ladder 10121 is easily portable, which means you can carry it along when going to work on projects where bulky scaffolding can’t access. This ladder is made from aerospace-grade aluminum to support a heavyweight of three-hundred pounds and to enhance the durability of the ladder. 

Contractors looking for ladders that meet all the requirements set by the safety bodies, this is your ladder. The Little Giant Ladder meets American National Standards Institute (ANSI), as well as the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) regulations. 


  • It is best for surroundings with obstacles such as stadiums, benches, or other uneven surfaces. 
  • This ladder is cheap and can reach heights that expensive ladders can’t reach, which means that it is efficient and economical. 
  • You can store some extended height when you don’t have to use it and expand it when you need to. 
  • It has superior stability, which guarantees any user safety, especially when working on extreme heights that look scary. 


Relatively heavy. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the tallest step ladder I can buy for high ceilings? 

In circumstances where people complain of their ladders being too short, the SkyScraper will serve you better. The SkyScraper is one of the tallest ladders for high ceilings you can find anywhere with a height of 21 feet. With this, rest assured high climbing high ceilings should be the least of your worries. 

2. How high is it safe on a ladder? 

I discussed safety earlier, and it is essential, especially for those working on high ceilings. Your maximum safe height is 4 inches higher than the height of your ladder. 

For instance, you can safely reach eight inches of a ceiling when you are using a four-inch ladder. If you are using an extension high ceiling ladder, make sure that it is between seven and ten feet longer than your contact point, say the roof. 

3. What are some of the precautions to take when using high ceiling ladders? 

The first precaution is that you should never exceed the maximum load limit. Also, make sure that only one person is using the ladder at a time. 

Secondly, keep yourself away from climbing a high ceiling ladder if you are ill or impaired. This is because you may slip and fall due to a lack of stability. 

Finally, you need to trust your instincts. If you feel uncomfortable using the high ceiling ladder, please don’t. The more you are distracted, the higher chances you will fall.

Wrap Up 

I have talked about the best ladder for high ceilings in this post. It should guide you when you are looking forward to purchasing a ladder for high ceilings. 

Choosing a ladder, especially a ladder for high ceilings, is critical. In this post, I have also answered some of the most frequently asked questions. 

All these resources should help you make the best decision when purchasing or using these ladders, or at least equip you with the necessary knowledge about ladders. 

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