Little Giant Revolution Ladder Review: Is It The Right One For You?

Founded in 1970 by Harold Ray Wing, Little Giant Ladders has been the largest manufacturer of ladders in the United States and one of the most famous brands of ladders in the world. Little Giant is now sold in more than 20 countries around the world, with annual sales of hundreds of millions of dollars.

There are currently six product lines under the Little Giant Ladders brand: Multi-Position, Combination, Step Stools, Step Ladders, Extension, and Safety Cages, and a variety of different ladder products under this product line. If you need, please check the table below for quick navigation.


  • Revolution
  • Dark horse
  • Dark horse 2.0
  • Conquest
  • Velocity
  • EPIC
  • Super Duty
  • Megalite
  • LT
  • Defender
  • Multi
  • Leveler

In this article, I will introduce to you in detail the ladder product under the multi-position product line – Little Giant REVOLUTION.

Little Giant Revolution is the flagship model under the multi-position product line, also known as the Little Giant Transformer. If it is only used in daily life, not in large projects, I believe the Little Giant revolution can meet more than 90% of your daily needs for ladders.

Why would I say that?

Let’s take a look at how the little giant revolution ladder change shapes.

Ladder Shapes of Little Giant Revolution Ladder

Little Giant Revolution Ladder supports a variety of common ladder forms, they are A-Frame Ladder, Extension Ladder, 90° Ladder, Staircase Ladder, Scaffolding Ladder, Portable Ladder.

extension ladder shape
90 ladder shape
staircase ladder shape
scraffolding ladder shape
portable ladder shape

So many shapes, You may ask, how?


A ladder can support so many shapes, mainly because it has two powerful and well-designed adjusters: Palm Button and Rock Locks.

Palm Button

palm button 1

Palm button is located at the joint at the top of the ladder, you can press the plam button to release the hinge locks, then you can change the Little Giant Revolution ladder into any one of the above shapes.

palm button 2

You can press the palm button to adjust the Little Giant Revolution ladder from portable shape to A-Frame shape, and press the palm button again to continue adjusting the Little Giant Revolution ladder, from A-Frame shape to extension shape.

Note: For your own safety, please make sure that the palm button has jumped up and the hinge locks are locked before you use it.

Rock Locks

rock locks 1

Rock Locks is located on both sides of the ladder’s outer ladder assemblies, it can change your ladder’s height. Rock Locks is locked by default and the palm button is the same. Press rock locks and slide the outer ladder assemblies to adjust the height of the ladder, adjust to the right position when tap rock locks again to lock it.

Note: Do not adjust rock locks if someone is on the ladder.

Little Giant Revolution Models

The Little Giant Revolution ladder has a total of three height mods. each mod has two types, one with tip & guide wheels and the other with ratchet levelers.

I will be a total of six models of the little giant ladder parameters are listed in the table below, please choose according to your requirement.

REVOLUTION MODELSModel 17 with Tip & Glide Wheels and Trestle BracketsModel 17 with Ratchet Levelers and Trestle BracketsModel 22 with Tip & Glide Wheels and Trestle BracketsModel 22 with Ratchet Levelers and Trestle BracketsModel 26 with Tip & Glide Wheels and Trestle BracketsModel 26 with Ratchet Levelers and Trestle Brackets
Weight Capacity300 lbs.300 lbs.300 lbs.300 lbs.300 lbs.300 lbs.
WarrantyLimited LifetimeLimited LifetimeLimited LifetimeLimited LifetimeLimited LifetimeLimited Lifetime
Model Number1201712017-8011202212022-8011202612026-801
90° LadderYesYesYesYesYesYes
Ansi Duty RatingType IA - Extra Heavy DutyType IA - Extra Heavy DutyType IA - Extra Heavy DutyType IA - Extra Heavy DutyType IA - Extra Heavy DutyType IA - Extra Heavy Duty
Country Of OriginChinaChinaChinaChinaChinaChina
Extension Max14' 11"14' 11"18' 11"18' 11"22' 11"22' 11"
Extension Max Reach18' 1"18' 1"22'22'25' 10"25' 10"
Extension Max. Height14' 11"14' 11"18' 11"18' 11"22' 11"22' 11"
Extension Min. Height8' 11"8' 11"10' 11"10' 11"12' 11"12' 11"
Extension Total Length of Sections17' 2"17' 2"21' 2"21' 2"25' 2"25' 2"
Extension Highest Standing Level Max11' 7"11' 7"15' 6"15' 6"19' 4"19' 4"
Extension Max Working Length14' 11"14' 11"18' 11"18' 11"22' 11"22' 11"
Extension LockCast Aluminum Rock LocksCast Aluminum Rock LocksCast Aluminum Rock LocksCast Aluminum Rock LocksCast Aluminum Rock LocksCast Aluminum Rock Locks
FeetStandard non-marring (snap-on)Standard non-marring (snap-on)Standard non-marring (snap-on)Standard non-marring (snap-on)Standard non-marring (snap-on)Standard non-marring (snap-on)
Ladder TypeTelescoping - ArticulatedTelescoping - ArticulatedTelescoping - ArticulatedTelescoping - ArticulatedTelescoping - ArticulatedTelescoping - Articulated
Product Weight323940465257.5
Lean To PositionYesYesYesYesYesYes
Inner Rung Depth1.38"1.38"1.38"1.38"1.38"1.38"
Inside Clear Width1' 0.5"1' 0.5"1' 0.5"1' 0.5"1' 0.5"1' 0.5"
Outer Rung Depth1.5"1.5"1.5"1.5"1.5"1.5"
Palm & Hinge Lock SystemHinge LockHinge LockHinge LockHinge LockHinge LockHinge Lock
Rung Size Double Section3.5"3.5"3.5"3.5"3.5"3.5"
Rung Size Single Section1.38"1.38"1.38"1.38"1.38"1.38"
Scaffolding PositionYesYesYesYesYesYes
Size9' - 15'9' - 15'11' - 19'11' - 19'13' - 23'13' - 23'
Ship Length4' 9"4' 9"5' 8"5' 8"6' 8"6' 8"
Ship Width2' 1"2' 1"2' 4"2' 4"2' 7"2' 7"
Ship Height0' 9"0' 9"0' 9"0' 9"0' 9"0' 9"
Ship Weight37.544.546.452.461.967.4
Spreader SystemHinge LockHinge LockHinge LockHinge LockHinge LockHinge Lock
Stepladder Highest Standing Level4' 10"4' 10"6' 8"6' 8"8' 7"8' 7"
Stepladder Maximum Footprint5' 2.25"5' 2.25"6' 4.5"6' 4.5"7' 7"7' 7"
Stepladder Max Reach11' 4"11' 4"13' 2"13' 2"15' 1"15' 1"
Storage Depth9"9"9"9"9"9"
Storage Height4' 7"4' 7"5' 7"5' 7"6' 7"6' 7"
Storage Width At Base2'2' 1"2' 3"2' 4"2' 6"2' 7"
Tip & Glide™ WheelsYesYesYesYesYesYes
Top Width1' 6"1' 6"1' 6"1' 6"1' 6"1' 6"

Sum Up

By purchasing the Little Giant Revolution Ladder, I reduced the number of everyday household ladders from 4 to 1. I have increased storage space without having to give up anything. The Little Giant Revolution is perfect for what I do.

If you are looking for a reliable, versatile, and transportable ladder, then the Little Little Revolution Ladder is the ladder for you. Anyone who doesn’t mind the price will be proud to have this ladder in their truck or store. The construction of this ladder, its great features, and when used correctly will undoubtedly eliminate personal injury.

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