Best 3 Ladders For Hanging Christmas Lights And Decor – Guides & Reviews

Now that December is here, everyone is rushing to finish off their holiday preparations. Those who are particularly enamored of the holiday season may attempt to adorn their entire home with lights or just the Christmas tree.

However, you may have been concerned about being able to reach the upper shelves in the bookcases or the ceiling beams in the dining room. Don’t fret; the situation is easily remedied by using ladders.

Best Christmas Lights Mounting Ladders

The finest ladders for securely and easily hanging Christmas lights are discussed in this article. These ladders have been used successfully by many different people, and they are also fairly easy to obtain.

1. Louisville Ladder Fiberglass Extension Ladder

The Louisville fiberglass extension ladder is one of the best ladders available, thus it works wonderfully for draping Christmas lights.

The ladder’s Type IA capacity and length of 28 feet provide it a wide range of potential applications; the orange hue designates it as a heavy-duty model.

The ladder is strong, stable, and long-lasting; it can support up to 300 pounds. The fiberglass construction of the ladder makes it ideal for working with live wires, such as those used for Christmas lights, inside the home.

If you want to put Christmas lights all the way on top of your structures, this ladder will get you there safely. The ladder has a rung lock and a swivel safe shoe that is made of steel. The ladder’s streamlined design and high safety standards make it a popular choice.

Although the price tag is high, it is acceptable given that it comes from one of the greatest ladder manufacturers in the world.

The finest materials used in its construction guarantee a sturdy and long-lasting product. The ladder has both indoor and outdoor uses, however it will be utilized largely in the latter.


  • Unbelievable 28-foot height
  • Ladder has a Type IA duty rating and a 300-pound weight capacity.
  • Fiberglass materials are used to ensure that Christmas lights cannot carry electricity when hung.
  • A unique rung latch lock secures it.
  • A swivel safety shoe made of steel is included.
  • A ladder that is solid and long-lasting
  • Excellent Step Ladder
  • Complying with regulations set out by ANSI and CSA
  • Various sizes are readily available


  • This ladder is not cheap.

2. Yvan 12.5 FT Telescopic Extendable Ladder

Christmas light installation is a breeze with the Yvan telescopic ladder, which extends to a maximum height of 12.5 feet.

The aluminum construction of this ladder allows it to support up to 330 pounds. The ladder may be folded into a relatively compact size, making it easy to transport in a vehicle.

The ladder is easily stored because it can be folded into this position at the touch of a button. The high quality components used in its construction ensure that it will last for a long time without wearing out or breaking.

It’s great for draping Christmas lights inside or outside the home, and it comes in a variety of sizes. It folds up compactly and has a smart retraction mechanism, but you’ll need to be careful not to accidentally push the button while you’re using it.

Even while this is unlikely to occur if you take adequate precautions, it still may result in damage.

Although it is a heavy-duty ladder, the ladder itself is not only lightweight but also easy to use and stable when placed on the ground. It costs around $150, which is significantly less than the previous ladder we looked at.


  • Costs are low
  • The ladder’s retracting feature (smart locking mechanism) may be activated with the push of a single button.
  • It comes in a range of sizes.
  • It’s convenient because it’s simple to employ, stow, and transport in a vehicle.
  • Ladder that is both stable and secure
  • It’s a sturdy ladder that can support up to 330 pounds.
  • The aluminum used is of the highest grade.


  • It requires extreme caution to avoid accidentally activating the one-button retraction feature while it is in use.

3. Werner 356 Stepladders

The Werner 356 step ladder is a 6-foot extension ladder designed for indoor usage. This ladder is ideal for anybody whose holiday decorating goals include stringing lights on interior and exterior walls.

The aluminum construction is sturdy enough to support up to 250 pounds.

The aluminum construction ensures that this step ladder is as safe, solid, and dependable as any other. It’s the least expensive of the ladders discussed here, costing between $70 and $95, and it’s also the lightest.

A work platform may be found at the very top of the ladder. The platform ladder will be used to support more Christmas lights when they are strung around the outside of the home.

The ladder may be folded up and moved without any trouble. If you need a ladder to put up Christmas lights, this is the one to get.


  • It can support up to 250 pounds in weight.
  • It’s as cheap as chips.
  • This ladder is secure, solid, and trustworthy.
  • It’s laid out like a platform.
  • Simple to stow and move around
  • The ladder weighs very little.
  • Exceptional aluminum components


  • Its carrying capacity is the lowest of all those considered.
  • Not as long-lasting as the other ladders considered here.

Tips for choosing a safe and reliable ladder to string up holiday lights

When shopping for a ladder to utilize to install Christmas lights in your home or elsewhere, it’s important to keep a few things in mind.

  • Ladder’s Deadweight
  • Ladder load rating, also known as weight capacity,
  • Ladder dimensions (measured in length)
  • Facilitation of Use
  • The Ladder’s Stability and Strength
  • Budget

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