7 Best RV Ladders In 2023 – Detailed Guide & Reviews

You base your entire existence on your RV. It’s more than just a house on wheels; it’s a luxurious way to travel and see the globe.

However, upkeep is necessary for them as it is for any vehicle. Moreover, due to its size, climbing to the top of an RV requires the best RV ladder available. A foldable ladder is useful since it provides additional access to the sides and front of your rig, even if it already includes a rear ladder.

A decent RV ladder should be lightweight and compact, but most importantly, it should be strong enough to support your weight. In light of these considerations, we present the 7 rungs below as potential solutions.

Top-Rated RV Ladders

We’ve compiled a list of the top 7 RV ladders for your review. Check the details of each ladder carefully before purchasing; they each have unique functions.

1. Stromberg Carlson Universal Exterior RV Ladder

Major Advantages

  • Made using 1′′ diameter tube
  • Its sturdy aluminum structure ensures its longevity.
  • Allows for simple access to your truck’s upper deck
  • Supports up to 500 kg

Made to Fit Cozily

Don’t let the product’s little stature fool you; it’s a sturdy ladder that can adjust to the unique form of your rig’s rear. The 1 inch diameter tube makes this ladder not only lightweight but also easy to transport and store. The RV’s roof is now much easier to access.

Aluminum Frame for Maximum Durability

It’s possible that aluminum is the ideal material for RV exterior ladders. When it comes to ladders, aluminum is an excellent choice because it is both lightweight and strong. The ladder won’t add much weight to your RV either because of its lightweight construction.

Improves RV Storage

This isn’t any ordinary ladder. That is to say, it has many more uses than simply as a climbing structure. Folding chairs may be conveniently stored on its rungs as you travel to your next camping spot thanks to its sturdy build. After all, it can support up to 250 pounds!


  • Strong aluminum structure that can withstand regular use.
  • Provides space for larger items like seats
  • Silver hue is attractive and will make your RV seem better.
  • Designed to perfectly complement the shape of your setup.


  • The time required for construction and setup is substantial.

At its core, though, this RV external ladder is no more complicated than a standard ladder. The aluminum frame is a classic and reliable design. However, setting up this ladder might be a tedious and aggravating process if you have never done it before.

2. Surco Universal Motorhome Straight Ladder

Major Advantages

  • Wide, nonslip treads ensure a secure ascent.
  • Four stand-offs included; can be used anywhere along the ladder.
  • Heavy-duty aluminum construction that will last a long time.
  • Features a 250-pound weight limit

Consistently Solid Buildings

It has been proven that aluminum is one of the greatest options for RV ladders. The makers of this ladder go even farther by constructing it out of thick metal. This ladder is built to last a lifetime of climbing!

Extra-Polished for Safety

It’s not easy being an outdoor ladder; the weather, animals, and people are all potential hazards. Therefore, Surco made sure to give this ladder a bright-dipped polish finish, which serves to protect it from the elements and lengthen its lifespan.

Designed to be both secure and easy to use

The ladder’s layout is undeniably our favorite feature. All of the steps on it are extra-wide and non-slip for safety. This not only facilitates climbing but also enhances climbers’ security. There are also four more stand-offs included in case you need them.


  • Fits your RV better since it has custom hinges
  • The heavy-duty aluminum used in its construction ensures that it will last.
  • Wide stairs with anti-slip surfaces and ample space between them prevent falls.


  • Some people may find it difficult to understand the installation instructions.

This aluminum RV outside ladder is among the best on the market because of its sturdy design and long lifespan. The process of ascending to the rig’s top deck will be simplified and facilitated. This ladder has a shiny, bright finish that will look great next to your camper.

3. Stromberg Carlson Bunk Ladder

Major Advantages

  • Hooks are included for simple assembly.
  • Constructed to last, weighing in at just 6.5 pounds
  • a height of 60 inches

Designed with Bunk Bed Access in Mind

If your RV has bunk beds, you must need a bunk ladder. You’ll appreciate the convenience of this bunk ladder if your RV doesn’t come with one already installed. The soft rubber treads ensure a secure footing for maximum comfort and security.

Durable and lightweight design

This ladder is constructed from long-lasting material and will serve you well for many years in your RV. However, at only 6.5 pounds, the ladder is quite light and won’t add any more weight to your RV. It’s also easy to take off if you decide you don’t like it.

Features Dual Mounting Options

Stromberg Carlson is a company with a genuine interest in simplifying your life. This bunk bed ladder has a simple design that makes assembly a breeze. Depending on your tastes or demands, you may choose between two different installation methods: hooks or extrusions.


  • Safely and easily ascend with the help of the padded rubber treads.
  • The sleek black exterior is a perfect complement to any RV’s design.
  • The quick and painless removal is made possible by the lightweight design.
  • Built with two different installation methods in mind.


Larger passengers can be too heavy for the seats.

The bottom conclusion is that getting to the bunk bed in your RV shouldn’t be difficult. With this ladder, you can get into bed in no time, and you won’t have to worry about slipping because of the padded rubber steps. Heavy campers should always sleep on the bottom bunk, though.

4. Stromberg Carlson LA-460 Bunk Ladder

Major Advantages

  • Aluminum structure that is both sturdy and durable
  • The rungs include rubber padding for a comfortable ascent.
  • Supports up to 500 kg
  • Height is 60 inches, and the diameter of the tubes is 1 inch.

Allows for Simple Access

The adaptability of this bunk ladder has made it a fan favorite. This ladder will come in handy when you need to reach anything on a high shelf or cabinet, and it will also get you to the top bunk quickly and easily.

Strong and Secure Buildings

This ladder’s aluminum tube construction ensures that it will last many ascents and descents. In addition, its 11-inch-apart rungs make for confident, comfortable footing. The rubber steps on the ladder will keep you comfortable even if you choose to go shoeless.

Simple Setup Procedures

This model by Stromberg Carlson, like the last one we looked at, can be set up in two different ways. Depending on your situation, you may opt for a temporary installation with the huge hooks or a permanent one with the extrusions.


  • The ladder’s wide steps make it comfortable to use with bare feet.
  • Allows for flexible installation in any of two methods
  • Due to its high weight limit, it may be used by both adults and children.
  • Aluminum tube and rubber treads provide for a sturdy build.
  • Allows for simple cutting to accommodate desired height


Some recreational vehicle types have shaky ladders.

In conclusion, we believe that a Stromberg Carlson bunk ladder is a safe and reliable option. This ladder has a high weight capacity, rubber treads, a broad stance, a solid metal frame, and wide rungs.

5. Surco Universal Motorhome Ladder

Major Advantages

  • Built to last with a thick metal wall measuring 1 inch
  • Developed specifically for exterior RV installation.
  • Low-mass construction that can support a lot of weight
  • Easy installation for most recreational vehicles.

Durable Aluminum Structure

RV outside ladders should be constructed of materials that are both long-lasting and strong enough to support the weight of grown adults. This ladder accomplishes this feat thanks to its rugged aluminum structure.

Allows for Ease and Pleasure

Ladder ascent should be as simple as counting to three. Because of this, Surco has added extra breadth and a non-slip texture to the rungs of this ladder to make it easier to maintain a secure footing at all times. If you’re concerned about the ladder’s stability, you may add the four stand-offs provided.

Made to Order for Your RV

The question of whether or not an outdoor ladder for an RV would fit correctly is a common one. The good news is that this Surco outside ladder has a special hinge mechanism that makes it compatible with almost any recreational vehicle.


  • The RV’s sleek new look is enhanced by the polished finish.
  • Designed with hinges that bend to the shape of your RV.
  • The great majority of recreational vehicle models are supported.
  • For safety and comfort, it has extra-wide, non-slip steps.


The bracketing mechanism is a little bit shoddy.

This aluminum ladder is well suited for outdoor use due to its sturdy build, user-friendly layout, and large, textured rungs that prevent slipping.

6. Top Line Bunk Ladder with 60″ Hook and 1.5″ Opening

Major Advantages

  • Aluminum alloy structure that is extremely durable
  • Supports up to a hefty 300 kg
  • Including hooks that may be hung at a height of 60 inches
  • A 1.5-inch split facilitates set-up.

Suitable for a Wide Range of Uses

This device serves the purpose of a bunk ladder, helping you easily and securely ascend to the upper bunk. However, it may just as easily be used to access the top shelf or cabinet in your RV. When you’re done, it’ll work just as well in your permanent abode!

Well-Thought-Out Construction and Detail-Oriented Layout

The superior craftsmanship of this ladder is its greatest strength. The 6063-T6 aluminum alloy used to construct this ladder makes it exceptionally robust. The wide spacing between the rungs of the ladder also facilitates the ascent.

Gentle on the Soles

If you want to know if a ladder is any good, look at how well it protects your feet. In order to prevent slippage and provide a more comfortable grip, Top Line has outfitted this ladder with padding.


  • The steps have been cushioned for your safety and convenience.
  • All parts have been given a finish to protect them from snagging and scratching.
  • Useful as a bunk ladder, among other things


The sturdy structure of the ladder makes it a little cumbersome to carry.

Due to its aluminum alloy structure and substantial weight capacity, this ladder is among the most robust we’ve examined. You may use it for a variety of reasons, and the 60-inch hooks make it really simple to set up. Therefore, if your RV is not very sturdy, you should not purchase this ladder.

7. Stromberg Carlson Universal Outdoor RV Ladder

Major Advantages

  • Designed to snugly fit the outside of most recreational vehicles.
  • Includes screws and four spacers for easy installation.
  • fabricated from ladder tubing that is 1 inch in diameter
  • Construction that is both light and sturdy

All RVs are welcome!

This product has high expectations as a garden ladder, yet it appears to meet or exceed those requirements. This ladder may be easily installed and will conform to the outside of most recreational vehicles, whether they are round or rectangular in shape.

Setup That’s Quick and Simple

Manufacturers that put some consideration into their products deserve praise. The set comes with all the necessary mounting gear and four stand-offs from Stromberg Carlson to ensure your ladder stays put.

The Sleek Black Coating

This aluminum outdoor ladder has a sleek black coating, setting it apart from the other models we’ve looked at today. We think it has a great, timeless design that will make any RV seem better once fitted.


  • Adjustable to fit the length requirements of your RV.
  • Adaptable to both curved and flat RV exteriors
  • The fitting may be adjusted with the four stand-offs provided.
  • Stunning black coating, perfect for improving your RV’s visual appeal.


Possible bending when used by someone over 200 pounds.

In sum, this Stromberg Carlson ladder appears to be up to the challenge of serving as an outside RV ladder. However, I have my doubts about this ladder’s longevity and strength. You and the rest of your RV family might want to pass on this one if you and they tend toward heftiness.

Tips for Choosing the Finest Folding RV Ladder

Your recreational vehicle needs a ladder, but which one is the best? We’ve established that it should be strong, foldable, easy to store, and relatively light. However, this is not all. Here are some things to think about before you buy.

Material and Quality in Construction

Who among us wants to keep purchasing ladders? Not us, that’s for sure, which is why you should look for a ladder that is constructed to last and can withstand the elements without being damaged.

This, of course, necessitates picking out a sturdy, long-lasting material for the ladder. Aluminum is the material of choice since it is both lightweight and durable. Steel is a good option if you need something that will endure a long time, although cheap versions may corrode quickly.

If you plan on utilizing your new ladder for outside purposes, then plastic is OK. Not all plastic ladders are terrible, though; the grade of the plastic used in their construction matters. In addition, if you need a lightweight RV ladder, plastic is your best bet.

Check the feet of the ladder, too, to be sure they won’t slip and fall off. Ladders with comparatively thicker feet are preferable since these tend to wear out first. This distinction is vital for your safety and the protection of your RV’s floors, even in the case of folding RV ladders.

Specifications for Recreational Vehicles

Most ladders for recreational vehicles (RVs) are mounted outside; however, your RV may not be able to handle such a setup. In such situation, a portable or telescopic ladder might be more practical for use in your RV.

Think about the additional bulk that a ladder will bring to your RV. A big ladder might damage your RV if its weight is already excessive or if you often pack a lot of heavy items for your trips. A lightweight ladder is the best option in most situations.

Purpose of Use

Consider your intended uses for the ladder in question before making a purchase for your RV. Is it going to be used in the motorhome? Can the ladder reach the ceiling of your RV? We’ve also addressed the sort of ladder you should look for based on your responses to these questions.

The Ladder Form

Keeping the foregoing in mind, you must now select the RV ladder that best suits your needs. We’ll examine each category individually.

Ladder on the Outside

You’re probably here because you’re in the market for an RV outside ladder. These are mounted on the outside of the RV and provide a means of ascending to the roof. You should prioritize a weatherproof and corrosion-proof external ladder if you’re in the market for one.

Universal Step Ladder

All-purpose ladders, also known as general-purpose ladders, may be used for many different tasks. They often have a range of predetermined heights. The functions of a wall ladder, step ladder, and scaffold may usually be performed by a single multi-use ladder.

Telescoping Step Stool

There is a common misunderstanding that telescoping ladders are the same as folding or foldable ones. However, telescoping ladders differ in that their individual rungs may be locked into position, allowing for a greater degree of customization. Telescoping ladders often cost a little extra since they need specialized locking technology.

Stacking Rack

Rack ladders, which are mounted on the exterior of your RV like external ladders, are helpful if you need more room for storage and can’t find any more within the vehicle. They are ideal for safely transporting bikes and other big things, and may be fastened to the back or even the side.

Step Stool

If you need a little extra height inside your RV, such as when you’re attempting to reach a top shelf, a good old-fashioned step ladder can do the trick. Step ladders are typically compact and lightweight, making them simple to transport and store.

Closing Remarks

The best RV ladders are those that can be relied on to endure and provide the features you need. However, it’s important to consider your needs before making a final decision on a ladder; you won’t have much use for an outdoor ladder if all you want to do is reach the top bunk.

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