Best 5 Ladder Rack For Enclosed Trailer – Ultimate Guide

There is a good probability that you will require a ladder rack if you want to purchase or already own an enclosed trailer that you use for work and you intend to transport a ladder.

It might be difficult to choose the correct product for your trailer from the numerous available possibilities.

If you’re in the market for a ladder rack, this in-depth guide will not only provide an overview of the industry but also help you zero in on the features you should prioritize.

Ladder Racks for Transport Trailers

The primary function of cargo trailers is the transportation of goods and machinery. These closed trailers are sometimes paired with a ladder to make the job easier.

It’s going to be difficult to move this ladder and other items in the trailer at the same time. The ladder and the cargo will be damaged if you just throw it in the trailer with everything else.

Here is where ladder racks prove to be invaluable. These ladder racks are a more convenient method to keep your ladder out of the way while it’s not in use and to keep it in position when transporting it.

Trailer Axle Mounted Aluminum Ladder Rack

When it comes to machinery and tools, aluminum is quickly becoming one of the most popular options worldwide. Aluminum ladder racks have several advantages over other types of ladder racks. Here are just a few examples:

They don’t take up much room and can be set up with little to no help.

Because of how light they are, the trailer is safe from damage. These aluminum ladder racks were put through a crash test, and the results indicated that they caused minimal damage to the trailer’s exterior. 

Because of their attractive appearance, they are in high demand.

They can withstand the elements without succumbing to corrosion.

Ladder Rack for Cargo Trailer: How to Put It Together? 

A ladder rack may be quickly and easily installed on your covered trailer. Just stick to these simple instructions.

Before installing your new ladders, take careful measurements to ensure a snug fit. 

Find the optimal locations on your trailer for mounting the racks. The studs in a trailer wall are often positioned here.

To prevent any mistakes, mark the locations on both sides where the ladder rack will be connected.

Make sure you properly drill holes in four separate spots for the ladder rack to rest on.

Fasten the bolts to the ramp and slide them into the holes, using the spacer plates as padding. 

Before putting on the rack brackets, make sure each bolt is properly tightened. 

Place the second rack next to the first, but a few inches away. 

Be aware that any bolts that extend inside the trailer must be shortened. The ability to safely lean items against the trailer’s walls will help you make better use of the available space.

Where and how do you put locks on an enclosed trailer? 

Straps and bungee cords are the greatest method for securing loose objects in your cargo trailer, since they allow you to attach the items to the sides of the trailer.

Make sure it is securely tied and won’t come undone on the road by tying it down more than once. Also, make sure the load doesn’t go above the trailer’s limits, as this is a common cause of mishaps. 

Should You Invest in a Ladder Rack?

Absolutely! If you’re the sort that routinely hauls cargo and machinery in a trailer, you should make the most of the space you have. You can’t just throw an extension ladder in the back of your trailer and call it a day.

You may store and carry your heavy ladders more safely and conveniently with the help of a ladder rack, which eliminates the risk of injury to you or the ladder itself. 

How Big of a Ladder Rack Should I Get?

The length of the ladder and the width of the trailer are two factors in determining the dimensions of the ladder rack. Measure everything to be sure it will fit in the ladder rack before you buy it. 

The rack bracket must be sized according to the closed width of the ladder, and the ladder rack must be sized according to the length of the trailer. 

How to Choose the Right Ladder Rack for Your Trailer

It might be challenging to choose the best ladder rack for your enclosed trailer among the numerous available models on the market. If you’re on the market for a new ladder rack, our shopping guide will give you an idea of what to look for. 

Product Valuation 

Investing in a ladder rack manufactured from high-quality materials has several benefits. A high-quality ladder rack won’t just be extremely efficient; it will also survive for quite some time.

Instead of having to replace the rack after a few years due to worn parts, you may use the same ladder rack throughout the lifetime of your trailer. 


The ladder rack’s layout is a major factor in picking the right one. The rack needs to be made in a way that ensures the user’s safety, comfort, and contentment.

Since this machinery will have to carry loads, it needs to be constructed in a way that maximizes its efficiency. The time and consideration that went into creating the greatest ladder racks on the market is evident in the quality of those racks. 

Simple setup/operation 

Unfortunately, not everyone has the technical knowledge and hands-on experience to set up and utilize a ladder rack safely. If that describes you, then you need to pay special attention to the ladder rack’s assembly and mounting instructions. 


Since you probably don’t know what sort of ladder rack will work best with your trailer, it’s a good idea to get one that can be installed on a variety of enclosed trailers without causing any lasting harm. These’multi-trailer’ ladder racks can be very pricy, but they are well worth the investment if you have the cash. 


The rack that will suit your enclosed trailer will be determined by the dimensions of your trailer. It’s a bad idea to get a ladder rack that’s longer than your trailer. Instead, it’s best to go searching for a ladder rack product while keeping a specific size in mind. 


No one wants a ladder rack that eventually wears out, detaches, or cannot properly support a ladder. This is why thinking about how long something will last is crucial. You may learn about the items’ relative durability by reading reviews written by previous buyers. You could also learn some useful upkeep tricks for extending the life of your ladder rack from reading these evaluations. 


Your investment may be safeguarded and your satisfaction guaranteed with a solid warranty plan. If something goes wrong with your product while it’s under warranty, you may get your money back or put it toward a replacement.

The longer the warranty period, the more likely it is that you will not lose money due to the device breaking down unexpectedly after purchase.

Best Enclosed Trailer Ladder Racks Reviewed

Now, without further ado, I provide my evaluation of the five best enclosed trailer ladder racks.

1. Mountainpeak Aluminum Side Mount Trailer Ladder Rack


This ladder rack has earned a stellar reputation for its ability to securely hold ladders within a trailer. Roof ladder racks are often considered risky, thus this is a good alternative. 

Simplicity of Setup/Use

Many of the ladder racks available today are difficult to set up. It’s possible that you’ll have to hunt for supplies before you can install the ladder rack. Installing this ladder rack is simple and requires just common equipment and little in the way of expertise on your part. 

Product Valuation 

The high standard of construction used in making this ladder rack ensures not only its strength but also its lifespan. This rack’s extruded aluminum construction makes it weatherproof. You won’t have to worry about rust for a very long time because it is corrosion resistant.


  • Highly resistant to wear and corrosion 
  • The procedure of installation requires no specialized knowledge or equipment.
  • Carrying Ladder Inside or Outside of an Enclosed Ladder for Safety
  • Made with high-grade components
  • Supports up to 400 kg


  • To facilitate installation, the hook should be made deeper. 

2. StarONE 2pcs Universal Cargo Aluminum Side Mount Ladder Racks

Product Valuation 

This ladder rack is constructed using heavy-duty aluminum weld for a sturdy rack system, which is virtually always brought up in discussions about it. This ensures the rack’s durability under normal and adverse situations, such as heavy use on a daily basis and severe weather. 

Simple Setup 

This ladder rack requires just basic hardware, such as bungee cords and padlocks, for assembly. This installation does not need any special training or expertise on your part, so you may do it by yourself. You may also hire an expert handyman for assistance with the setup process. 


This ladder rack will accommodate most fully enclosed ladders without causing any harm to your trailer. When you encounter a bump, your ladder won’t ding or harm the side of your trailer since it will be safely supported by the rack. 

Stability and resilience 

Ladder racks should be sturdy enough to support heavy ladders without bending or straining against the trailer’s side. In this respect also, this ladder rack is exceptional. 


  • Simple setup procedure
  • Accommodates ladders weighing up to 220 lbs.
  • This universal ladder rack is designed to work with the majority of current enclosed trailers. 
  • Extremely robust and long-lasting 
  • Trailer body work is protected from road hazards.


  • Possibly not sold at neighborhood stores.

3. Heavy Duty Side Mount Trailer Ladder Rack

Product Valuation

The galvanized iron construction of Appacare’s ladder rack for enclosed cargo trailers assures the rack’s durability and lifespan. You can trust your ladders to land safely on its robust surface. This ladder rack weighs just approximately 5.74 kg, but can hold up to 200 lb of weight thanks to its construction from galvanized iron. 

Simple Setup 

Appacare’s ladder rack comes with all necessary mounting hardware, two bungee cables, and two ladder racks. This makes the procedure much easier to do without the assistance of a special unit or person. 


The overall dimensions of this rack are approximately 25-2/5″ in length and an interior diameter of 8-1/4″. Because of this, it can be installed on almost any trailer with a roof. 


  • Mounting on the side is preferable to placing it on the roof.
  • With a weight capacity of up to 200 lbs.
  • Ready to hang with the included hardware
  • Exceptionally light 
  • Simple setup procedure


  • After being subjected to the weather, several consumers complained about rust and damage.

4. Tiewards Universal Aluminum Side Mount Ladder Racks

Simple Setup Procedures 

If you’re like me and find manual labor a bit too complicated, this ladder rack will come in handy. This rack’s simple design means you won’t need instructions to attach it to your trailer. In addition, the package contains all the necessary hardware for a quick and painless set up. 

Product Valuation 

The advantages of aluminum over other materials are well-known. The metal used in the construction of this sturdy rack ensures that your ladders will last. This aluminum ladder rack is not only strong and long-lasting, but it can also hold up to 220 pounds.


Made from sturdy tubing, this ladder rack is compatible with many contemporary trailer designs. It’s simple to set up both inside and outside the trailer.


  • This trailer’s design safeguards the trailer’s body. 
  • Heavy-duty aluminum guarantees long life and maximum efficiency. 
  • Useful in any context 
  • Features necessary attachment hardware


  • Supporting many ladders at once might cause them to bend.

5. ELITEWILL Adjustable Trailer Ladder Rack

Low Maintenance Expenses and Longevity 

No one wants to shell out a lot of money quickly to get several ladder racks since they are in need of a long-lasting product. That’s why the Elitewill ladder rack that you can adjust to your height is so welcome. This rack’s long lifespan means that it provides excellent cost-benefit analysis. The gray powder coating on this ladder rack protects it from the weather and adds to its longevity. This ladder rack will not rust or become unsightly, even after being exposed to the elements for extended periods of time. 

Solidity and Integrity 

Two ladders, or other items of a similar size and form, may be stored safely and securely in this rack. Two ladders can be supported by a maximum of four rack brackets. 

Product Valuation 

The sturdy steel construction of this ladder rack ensures that it will continue to serve its purpose for many years to come. 


  • There are four rack brackets, two towers, eight bungee cords, and several additional pieces of mounting gear in each box. 
  • Extremely simple to set up
  • Provides superb worth for the cost
  • Easily modifiable for more assistance
  • Durability assured by using thick steel 


  • Can run you quite a bit of money.


One of the trickiest parts of buying a ladder rack for your enclosed trailer is figuring out exactly what you need in a ladder rack to address the vast majority of your concerns.

Follow the advice in this article to select the best ladder for your needs and avoid any pitfalls you might encounter in the process.

Extra hardware components, like as screws and bolts, might be helpful during installation or as replacement parts, so keep an eye out for that while shopping for a ladder rack.

For obvious reasons, safety must be prioritized while choosing a ladder rack. Before making a purchase, be sure the ladder rack you’re considering can handle the load of your ladder.

The rack bracket won’t break as easily after this. Extra caution should be exercised during installation as most components of the rack pose some risk. 

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